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J-Walk - 'Limelight Nights'

Vinyl / CD / DL / Stream

Manchester’s sonic-maestro J-Walk, is all set to shine a little limelight through the dark with eight deep cuts

that shimmer on the brand new LP Limelight Nights.


Colorama - 'Some Things Just Take Time'

Vinyl / CD / DL / Stream

Some Things Just Take Time is a labour of love; eleven songs of which some were intended for other projects, some recorded for Colorama albums (but didn't quite fit), and others made with this album in mind.

Despite its convoluted creation it is a simple album, and contained within, is music crafted with a great deal of love and friendship.


The Severed Limb - "Good And Gone"

Vinyl / CD / DL / Stream

From busking with washboards to recording raucous rock in pub basements, Severed Limb are the epitome of DIY.

Born and bred in Brixton, the Londoners’ new album is the point at which punk and skiffle meet with one clear aim; to take their sound from the streets and make people dance to a pub-punk rock that’s defiantly outspoken.


John Stammers - 'Waiting Around'

Vinyl / CD / DL / Stream

UNCUT - 'An Exquiste collection of Bitersweet songs from the Mancunian troubadour'

Magic - French Magazine 'Album Of The Month'

Waiting Around is the fitting title of melodic craftsman John Stammers' Long anticipated new LP.

Fusing elements of traditionalists such as Bert Jansch with the sonc worlds of Eden Ahbez & Sun Ra, Stammers delivers an album of stunning, lyrical songwriting and other worldly production.

"I like the natural accidents that you get with recording to tape"

Produced by John Stammers, Miles Copeland, Luca Nieri & Dan Muslow


Nev Cottee - Broken Flowers

MOJO - "A Voice Full Of Warmth And Hard-Won Wisdom... A Bedroom Ry Cooder"

UNCUT - "Impressive Individuality transcends his Inpirations on sumptous third"

SHINDIG - "Soaks Up Your Heart Whilst Expanding Your Horizons. An Abstract Psychedelic Gem"

Telerama - "Dense, dark, beautiful"

ROSS ALLEN - "From the minute I put this album on I was sold, the voice, the guitar textures, but as it goes on it gets better and better. This record will stay with me."

Now settled here at  WONDERFULSOUND for his third release, Broken Flowers.

This new collection of songs floats with psychedelic rapture, resigned reflection and widescreen atmospherics

amidst tales of heartbreak, melancholy and troubles to come.

Lovers of Lee Hazlewood, Spiritualized and Nick Cave

will find much to enjoy in the twilight serenades contained herein.


Lee Southall - Iron In The Fire

SHINDIG - "Joe Boyd like Orchestrations Envelopes Southall's quietly soulful vocal and Vituoso picking"

MOJO "folk singer and country man on a set of storm torn originals"

UNCUT - "Former Coral Guitarist swaps Holylake For Laurel Canyon"

Former Coral guitarist Lee Southall demonstrates quality songs and intricate guitar work on his debut solo project.  

These richly atmospheric tracks are soaked in the dramatic climate of the Yorkshire Moors; from the endless Summer days of childhood to the darkness of gathering storms.

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