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"You may look at me and think the lord employed a fool to sit around and sing of nothing"

As opening lines to albums go it is a bold offering, but what R W Hedges lacks in warm introductions they more than make-up for in sweet and intriguing folk songs.

".. A Magical Collection" - SHINDIG 5 Stars

"A Masterpiece" - Iain Lee 7 Records / Broadcaster

"Genius Songwriter" - Louder Than War 

"LP of the Year Stone Cold Classic" - Matt Allwright

“Someday, someone will remember you, but now you’ll have to leave the town behind”

Guided by Neiri’s delicate vision, the new record is quietly dominated by its own restraint, the pair’s love for the Easy Listening era of the 1950s and 60s filtered through a keen ear for doo-wop and rhythm-and-blues, resulting in an album that finds a place all of its own in the hustle and bustle of this new world; existing as a tender escape from the busy London world that underpinned its creation, full of quaint retreats and charming idiosyncrasies.

​Pieced together on a canal boat in London, and drawn from Seemingly pulled from the golden days of easy listening, the new record finds Roy Hedges and songwriting partner, producer, and label-mate Luca Neiri in beautifully compelling form, the collaboration coming after a chance meeting in Hyde Park brought the childhood friends back together, having previously played in bands together during their youth.

The Hunters In The Snow is available to pre order now and avaible everywhere from the 27th April 2018

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